Graduation of 2023

During the July 2023 Graduation of the University of Patras, a number of students of the master in Human-Computer Interaction received their Master’s Degree.

A picture from the ceremony (new graduates with the head of the program Prof. N.Avouris)…

Spring Semester 2022-2023

Timetable for the Spring Semester 2022-23

The timetable for the Spring Semester of the Academic Year 2022-2023 is shown below

version 1.1 Creative Design Lab has moved to Friday 6-9.

Legend to the lecture halls:

  • ITL: Interaction Technologies Lab seminar room (ECE)
  • HL7: Lecture hall HL7 (ECE)
  • SQLab: Software Quality Lab (CEID)
  • Statistics Lab: (ECE)

Academic Calendar

The lectures for the graduate courses will start on Tuesday February 28th, 2023. The course HCI202 Design of Web Applications will start on …

Welcome event 2022

The beginning-of-the-semester Welcome and orientation event is planned for Monday October 3rd, at 17:00 at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Assembly Hall (main building – ground floor – across from the Department Secretariat) map.

All new students are invited to participate in this event, during which the program will be presented by profs. N. Avouris and M. Xenos, and an outline of the courses of the first semester will be provided by the lecturers.

See you all on Monday……

Timetable for winter semester 2022-23

The timetable for the winter semester 2022-23 has been announced.

The courses start on Monday, October 3rd

We follow the academic calendar of the University of Patras.

The lecture halls can be found on the map of the Rio Campus of the University of Patras, the lecture halls can be found in the ECE and CEID Departments.

During the first week, Monday October the 3rd a Welcome and orientation event is planned, to take place at the Electrical and Computer …

Changes in the Program of study for 2023-2024

We announce the program of study for the academic year 2023-2024.

The program is similar to that of the previous year, the course HCI106 Collaboration Technologies will not be offered .

In terms of modality of teaching for the forthcoming academic year, most of the classes will run face-to-face if the conditions allow. However provisions will be made to support students in online mode.

Program outline

The Master Program in Human-Computer Interaction of the University of Patras, Greece, aims to provide specialized theoretical knowledge, but also new applied knowledge, skills and competencies, relating to the study, design and development of interactive technologies, i.e. technologies that interact with their users, as well as the study of phenomena related to user interaction with modern technologies.

Graduates of Computer science and engineering, Informatics but also graduates of faculties of science and other engineering schools, with an adequate background in …

Timetable winter semester 2021-22

later edition: time of course Information Visualization has changed

The timetable of the winter semester of 2021-22 has now be announced. An overview of the weekly timetable is:

Weekly timetable of winter semester 2021-22 [October 11th to January 21st]

Note: The lecture halls are dispersed in the Electrical Engineering Dept, Computer Engineering and Chemical Engineering, no more than 10′ walk between them (see map). More detailed description is following.

More information on the courses can …

New students admitted

The new students that were admitted for the academic year 2021-2022 have now be notified. We welcome our new students and wish them every success.

During the week starting October the 4th, an orientation event will be organized in Patras, an invitation will be issued soon to all students.

The semester is planned to start the week starting on October the 11th. The classes will be mainly taught face-to-face. However provisions will be made for a number of classes …

Timetable for spring semester 2020-2021

Orientation event for the courses of the spring semester is planned for Wednesday, February the 24th, 2021.

The timetable of the courses offered is as follows:

update 24 February 2021: Creative Design lab moved to Monday 15:00-18:00

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