Program outline

The Master Program in Human-Computer Interaction of the University of Patras, Greece, aims to provide specialized theoretical knowledge, but also new applied knowledge, skills and competencies, relating to the study, design and development of interactive technologies, i.e. technologies that interact with their users, as well as the study of phenomena related to user interaction with modern technologies.

Graduates of Computer science and engineering, Informatics but also graduates of faculties of science and other engineering schools, with an adequate background in computer science and technology, are admitted in order to acquire knowledge and skills that supplements their existing technical and vocational qualifications and enable them to become competent professionals, able to design and evaluate innovative interactive technologies and systems in research and development institutions of the public or private sector in Greece or internationally.

Students of the Master’s degree program in « Human-Computer Interaction» have to follow two semesters of taught courses that sum up to 60 ECTS and undertake the postgraduate dissertation during the third semester (with a workload of 30 ECTS). In total the program is equivalent to 90 ECTS credits.

In particular, in the first (winter) semester students have to follow 2 compulsory and 3 elective courses while in the second (spring) semester students have to follow 1 compulsory and 4 elective courses. Thus the total credits of the program is 90 ECTS. The Dissertation is examined and approved by a three-member examination committee appointed by the Special Interdepartmental Committee of the postgraduate program.

Admissions are open each year with deadline end of July and end of August, more information:

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